Something Worth Writing

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

Benjamin Franklin

When I started this blog about a year-and-a-half ago I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be posting weekly. I thought if I managed once a month I would be doing well. I was certain that I would run out of ideas, and I would much rather be hiking than writing about it.

But after the first post I thought of another story I wanted to share and felt that I should write it down while it was on my mind. The same thing happened the following week. After a lifetime of hiking I do not seem to have run out of ideas, and in a few weeks the enthusiasm created its own momentum. Family and friends started suggesting topics: “You should write about. . .” And so I did. A lifetime of hiking has left me with memories that seem to be worth sharing.

I am grateful for my readers, who have also helped to keep the momentum strong. In the beginning I thought that a blog by an old lady who thinks the trails are too crowded would not be well received, but I was wrong. The comments and support have truly been heartwarming.

I have decided to take Benjamin Franklin’s advice and “do something worth writing.” This week I am headed to Nevada to explore some of the isolated ranges of the Great Basin. For a woman who loves to be alone on the trail, it seems like a worthwhile destination.

I will be taking a break from posting for a couple of weeks. While I am in awe of those many thru hikers who publish their posts from their phones, I am not one of them. Technology has been an unwelcome accompaniment to my hiking experience, and though I value the safety margin it provides, I would much rather be staring at a sunset instead of my phone when I sit down to relax in the evening. I still carry a journal and pen when I hike. I like the sound of pages turning, and the way the pen moves across them, something real to hold in my hands in a world that seems increasingly fragile.

Savor your summer days. Pay attention. Write about them. Hold them in your hands close to your heart and watch the words appear on the page, the memories come alive. And be well as I take a break for a couple of weeks.

Published by Colleen Drake

Colleen Drake (AKA Teacup) has over sixty years of hiking exerience (yes, I'm really old) and has seen some pretty big changes over those many years. Join her on the Solitude Trail & share some of these adventures while exploring with her the value of solitude in the wilderness.

2 thoughts on “Something Worth Writing

  1. Hi. I hope you are high enough to be cool at least at night. The heat wave is upon us. Have a great trip. I can’t wait to hear about it. Happy Trails❤️Jan

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  2. Perfect timing for your I set off for a month of trails in the PNW! Your blog has left me feeling much gratitude, thank you so much for sharing your stories.

    Have safe journey with much worth writing about! Sandra D.


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