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Finding Strength in a Twig

As people who want to live a good, full, unrestricted, adventurous, real kind of life this is certain instruction we can follow: see what is. Pema Chodron I encountered my first subalpine larch tree on a backpacking trip in Washington’s Pasayten Wilderness, an area I came to love because of its isolation and beauty and…

Hiking with Lulu

I want to do whatever it is that presses the essence from the hour. Mary Oliver Lulu and I went on our first hike of the year together last week after a long and quiet winter. Yes, she is the beautiful standard poodle you see in the photo. Though it was a short hike, I…

Strolling with the Desert Fathers

Let the unknowable touch the buckle of my spine Let the world turn in the trees, and the mystery hidden in the dirt swing through the air. Mary Oliver Twice a year in the spring and fall I go to visit a friend who has a rustic cabin in the Painted Desert of Arizona near…

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