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More about Old Things

I met my first bristlecone pine tree several years ago when I was on a road trip between my home in Wyoming and Yosemite National Park, where I would be meeting two friends for a few days of camping and hiking. I had always wanted to visit Great Basin National Park, so I planned myContinue reading “More about Old Things”

I Spread

This is a story about an old person visiting an old tree . .a really old tree. It is comforting at my age to be reminded that there are many such “old things” in the world, and I am barely a blip on the radar screen when it comes to embracing what it means toContinue reading “I Spread”

If You See Me. . .

The world is always ending somewhere. It just depends on whether it falls in your line of vision or not. Akwaeka Emezi It looked as though we might make it through the summer without any fires burning nearby. This scenario was unlikely, as heavy rains fell in May and June, causing the grass to growContinue reading “If You See Me. . .”

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