Finding Strength in a Twig

As people who want to live a good, full, unrestricted, adventurous, real kind of life this is certain instruction we can follow: see what is. Pema Chodron I encountered my first subalpine larch tree on a backpacking trip in Washington’s Pasayten Wilderness, an area I came to love because of its isolation and beauty andContinue reading “Finding Strength in a Twig”

Poop Patrol and Other Trail Pastimes

Wilderness is not just the preservation of the world, it is the world. Gary Snyder If you have been reading my blog for awhile you have no doubt figured out that I am not a big fan of crowds, especially on the trail. It is of course a recurring theme in these posts, one IContinue reading “Poop Patrol and Other Trail Pastimes”

Petals and Patience

“Patience” comes from the same ancient roots as “petals”—to open like a flower, to unfurl, to receive the stroke of a moth’s tongue and the ministrations of a bee. And so we are given “passive” and “patient” and “passionate.” Kathleen Dean Moore in Wild Comfort The flower you see in the photo above is aContinue reading “Petals and Patience”