Nameless Wildness

You are my nameless wildness. Marc Bolan A recent article in Backpacker magazine which purported to suggest what we should and should not worry about as hikers advised that we are thirty-three times more likely to be struck by lightening than to be attacked by a bear. I found this only minimally reassuring since unluckyContinue reading “Nameless Wildness”

Sheltering in Place

Walk close to me. I’ll shelter you. William Barnes I was eight years old when I went on my first backpacking trip with my family. We hiked just a short distance up the Skokomish River in Olympic National Park to a well named site called Camp Pleasant, about three to four miles from the trailheadContinue reading “Sheltering in Place”

Soul Saver

I sit here with my laptop perched. . .where else? On my lap. Before me parades a never ending collection of photographs, all of which I have taken on various treks over the years, mostly since digital photography came into being but a few downloaded from a distant time when photos were taken with film,Continue reading “Soul Saver”

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