I Spread

This is a story about an old person visiting an old tree . .a really old tree. It is comforting at my age to be reminded that there are many such “old things” in the world, and I am barely a blip on the radar screen when it comes to embracing what it means toContinue reading “I Spread”

If You See Me. . .

The world is always ending somewhere. It just depends on whether it falls in your line of vision or not. Akwaeka Emezi It looked as though we might make it through the summer without any fires burning nearby. This scenario was unlikely, as heavy rains fell in May and June, causing the grass to growContinue reading “If You See Me. . .”

Rules for Living

In the photo above I am happy and smiling. It had rained hard the previous day, and my Camelback had leaked and completely soaked my sleeping bag at the bottom of my pack. The rain had continued into the night, and I had slept wet and cold. Still I found something to smile about theContinue reading “Rules for Living”

Pause and Rest

For all the desert’s dreamlike beauty, to travel here…was not just to pitch yourself into oblivion; it was to grind away at yourself until nothing was left. It was to aspire to the condition of sand. William Atkins in The Immeasurable World When I planned a trip to Nevada earlier this month I never imaginedContinue reading “Pause and Rest”

Hiking with Rubies

It is good to walk. Even if you have somewhere to go. Richard Paul Evans in The Walk I began my road trip early this month, hoping to find some degree of peace and relaxation after a difficult spring and summer due to a major transition in my life. I always seem to seek thisContinue reading “Hiking with Rubies”

The Grouse and I

But ask now the beasts, And they shall teach thee, And the fouls of the air, And they shall teach thee; Or speak to the earth And it shall teach thee And the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee. Job 12:7-8, KJV Most hikers who have spent any time at all on theContinue reading “The Grouse and I”

Party Time

The door to the woods is the door to the temple. Mary Oliver Rumi The fourth of July weekend is here, and my usual quiet home is a little more lively than usual. I live on a hill above Curlew Lake, where Black Beach Resort welcomes guests at RV sites and cabins. It is notContinue reading “Party Time”


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